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ITC Recorded Training

Module 1 - Sending a Transcript
Log in to the system, send a record/transcript, review the home page, edit your profile, and access online help.

Module 2 - Sending Multiple Transcripts
Send multiple records/transcripts, upload a transcript legend, add attachments to records/transcripts, and search the database using wildcards.

Module 3 - Requesting a Transcript
Request a record/transcript.

Module 4 - Receiving a Transcript Request
Receive and respond to a request for a record/transcript.

Module 5 - Accepting a Record K-12
Accept a record sent to a K12 institution, manage and download received records.

Module 6 - Receiving Transcripts for Higher Ed
Accept a transcript sent to a post-secondary institution, manage and download received transcripts.

Module 7 - Student Ordering and Fulfillment
A view of OrderaTranscript.com from the student/parent perspective; receive and fulfill an order placed on OrderaTranscript.com.

Module 8 - Partner User Process
Using the system as a Partner User.

Module 9 - Batch PDF Upload Training
Upload PDF records and transcripts in batch; and find and fill out the Batch Upload template.

Module 10 - Transcript Archive

Module 11 - ITC Account Manager Training
Learn process for creating, maintaining and deleting user accounts within ITC, as well as how to upload an extract from a participating SIS vendor into ITC.

JMC Extract Process for Iowa Transcript Center

How to access the ITC via the Iowa Education Portal

ITC user guide


If you would like to participate in a Webinar, please contact our NTC Outreach Specialist, at 877-790-1261 or transcripts@pearson.com.

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