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SIF Agents

We Speak Your Language

The Pearson SIFWorks® platform is state-of-the-art application integration technology for PK-12 education. With SIFWorks, your district's SIF-compliant applications can share information securely and reliably in real time, no matter what information system your district uses.

SIF Agents for Student Information Systems (SISs)

Pearson offers a SIF agent for every SIS and is the only company to offer a SIF agent for any product marked with a [icon] below:

 Chancery SMS

SIFWorks Directory Manager [highly recommended]

New to SIF? We recommend you start with this simple offering which is one of our most popular products. Pearson is the only authorized distributor for SIFWorks Directory Manager, a SIF agent that enables Microsoft® Active Directory® to exchange student and staff records and authentication information with any SIF-compliant system.

SIFWorks eTranscript Framework (ETF)

SIFWorks eTranscript Framework (ETF) is a powerful SIF agent that automates data uploads to the National Transcript Center, saving time and money. ETF works with any SIS.

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