Database stack = Longitudinal Data Systems
Gears = Interoperability Solutions
Graduation Cap = Learner Credential Management

The Data Solutions group of Pearson provides education technology solutions in three areas:

 Longitudinal Data Systems
Robust, scalable LDS solutions that include data collection, state reporting and analytics, unique identifiers, and data warehouses. Learn more

Interoperability Solutions
Standards-based solutions that connect disparate systems to facilitate the timely transfer of highly accurate education data. Learn more

Learner Credential Management
eTranscript, academic, and professional record exchange solutions to automate exchange between LEAs, SEAs, colleges and universities, and employers. Learn more

Every education enterprise is unique, and no matter who you are or what data challenges you''re facing, we have a solution that can make your life easier.

Cloud Based SolutionsData Collection and Reporting
RIN SOTWhat learning means

latest news

news October 4, 2011
Pearson CloudConnect Now Available for Google Apps for Education

news July 5, 2011
SIFWorks Agent Development Kit (ADK) moves to

news June 23, 2011
Pearson Announces New Chief Technology Officer for the Data Solutions Group

news May 24, 2011
Pearson Moves Leading SIF Agent Development Kit to Open Source Licensing

news February 18, 2011
Utah State Office of Education Partners with Pearson for New Statewide Longitudinal Data System

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